Pocket Change Productions has a strong background with film production. That is why we try and root the same technical and story telling aspects in all our wedding and commercail films


I had the pleasure of working with Jade Lalonde for this project. It was created for her thesis project at McMaster University for her Masters Degree. When I heard about her project I had to be a part of it. It was such a great experience working with Jade!


Feedback Film Festival - Best Cinematography - 2018.png

This was a final production in my second year at Sheridan college. I was able to work this some incredible individuals to create a really successful crew. Amalia Williamson directed this piece and gave me the opportunity to bring her beautiful story to life! Such an amazing experience with such amazing people! Enjoy.


This is a film that I directed in 2016. My cast and crew blew me out of the water with their dedication to this project. It wouldn't have been what is it is without the ineradicable team behind it. Keeper has been gaining some momentum within several film festivals including:

Sheridan Screen Arts Awards: Best Cinematography & Best Production Design
Los Angeles Film Awards 2017: Official Selection
Top Shorts 2017: Official Selection
AltFF Alternative Film Festival 2017: Finalist
Best Short Fest 2017: Semi-Finalist
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This has been a passion project I have been working on for several months. It showcases my great-grand father and tells me the story of how he fell in love.


When watching films it's easy to forget about all the chaos that goes into making them. Capturing the behind the scenes madness of some of these films is almost as fun as making them!